Check Out the Teaser for Aussie Boxing Drama Kairos

February 14, 2018
A new independent Australian boxing drama takes off in unexpected directions.

In Kairos, Danny (Chris Bunton, last seen in Down Under), a young man with Down Syndrome, and his mentor John (Jerome Pride – Wake in Fright), an ex-boxer, must deal with the fallout of a violent incident that threatens to destroy them both. The debut feature from actor and filmmaker Paul Barakat (East West 100), the film takes its title from a Greek word meaning the supreme or opportune moment, and co-stars Deborah Jones (Top of the Lake: China Girl), Joanna Briant (Secret City) and newcomers Jayden Byrne, Emma Horn, Digby Webster, Audrey O’Connor, James Penny, Gerard O’Dwyer, Akshay Caplash, Eleanore Knox, Louis Seguier and Mia Barakat.

“I began developing the project in early 2016,” Barakat told us. “And we finally got rolling in June 2017. We shot for 33 days over three months with a small crew and a primarily self-funded budget. We are in the final stages of post-production and excited about the prospect of launching this film on the festival circuit.”

Keep an eye on Kairos‘ fortunes at the official site of production company Sloane Street Films.


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