Casino Cheats Featured in Hollywood and World-Known Films

August 22, 2020
How to Cheat Free Online Pokies.

Casino cheating may be understood as deliberate actions taken by the player or casino/house prohibited by the gambling control authorities in their jurisdictions or regions. Cheats use a range of tricks and manipulative ways to achieve their goals. From the use of the suspect apparatus to the device’s interference to the misrepresentation of games or chip fraud as commonly known, tricky players can use it to cheat a casino. The primary motivation of casino cheats is to win huge amounts of money from nothing or the initially small stakes placed.

The history of casino cheats dates back to the early days when mechanical machines were easy to manipulate in brick and mortar casinos. As computers get more complicated, players have tried every trick to find their way into the game’s cabinet and eventually take advantage of the design.

In modern times, the old-fashioned, clunky gambling machines have been replaced by random number generators and virtual reels. Even so, players are continually finding new ways to cheat the house. In physical land-based casinos, cheaters resulted in using particular metal or wooden devices to open into the coin hoppers, collect the cash, and eventually walk out with free money from the casino.

Like the rest of the world, online pokie gaming is peaking at an unprecedented pace in Australia. Their quality, graphics, and structure variation contribute significantly to the huge following they enjoy among gamers who like enjoying their best games on mobile devices. As they draw huge global traffic, they also attract cheaters who have their eyes on how they can easily manipulate the online RNGs to their advantage.

While leveraging probabilistic strategies at FreeslotsHUB, players have endlessly tried their luck with 50+ the best online Australian pokies with minimal fruits. Even when not 100% successful in terms of strategy leveraging, gamblers in Australia continue to embrace slot games online for various reasons. The best slots can be played just for fun or as a free play. Besides, top games are free to download, which can further be enjoyed through flavored free spins, deposit bonus rounds, and no deposit bonus offers.

The Early Poker Machine Cheats

Tricks to cheating old pokie machines are specific to certain games, and they include:

  • Past Posting- This cheat is practiced after a bet has been won. The winning player replaces chips with smaller denominations with comparably larger denominated chips.
  • Hand Mucking- The player palms the desirable cards and then switches them for less anticipated cards held by the other gamblers.
  • Marked Decks- This is mainly possible through the cooperation by the casino employees. A marked deck is introduced into the play and can be used to cheat the game’s table. To prevent this fraud, casinos usually alter or cut a card before selling it to players.
  • Casinos can also cheat players by using machines that pay fewer amounts than the statutory minimums.

Fascinatingly, the idea of casino cheats has percolated well into the movie industry. Different movie production theatres would always want their star actors to stand out from the rest in terms of skills, wits, and superhuman actions. Casinos make perfect environments for idolizing these actors.

Casinos come with all the elements with the potential to create a gripping drama. They are essentially glitzy stages full of gorgeous and the affluent, where treasures are won or lost on the turn of a card. Therefore, they are the perfect places for the films’ heroes to showcase their wits as they beat the house or other gamblers playing against them.

These are just a few examples, where movie actors have been used to exemplify tricky and witty casino cheats.

Rain Man (1988)

It is an American comedy-drama that was written by Ronald Bass and Barry Morrow and directed by Barry Levinson. It is centered on the story of young, harsh, and self-centered and overly thrifty Charlie Babbitt, who has received the sad news about his father’s demise. To his belief, his father, now dead, has disinherited him and bequeathed his multi-dollar estate to his brother (Raymond). Charlie is only left with his beloved vintage car bought by his father ages ago and rose bushes. He has a girlfriend by the name Valeria Golino to comfort him.

An award-winning film, Rain Man, through dramatically twisted scenes, introduces us to Raymond’s mental calculator abilities that are beyond the human range of subitizing skills. As an importer agent, Charlie finds himself at the crossroads as authorities decline to authorize his imported cars due to failure to comply with emission standards. As the expensive Lamborghinis are seized, Charlie is indebted to a tune of $80,000.

He plans to return to Las Vegas and gamble his way out. He hatches a successful plan to get away with Raymond, who suffers from Savant Syndrome from an Autistic center. After convincing him, they visit a Las Vegas casino in which Raymond, using his superhuman abilities, helps Charlie count cards with a six-deck shoe and eventually win $86,000. This creates an unbreakable brotherly bond, as Charlie promises to check on Raymond continually.

Before convincing Raymond, Charlie recollects his thoughts and remembers that before Raymond was sent to the mental institution for the proper care, he was his childhood imaginary friend, commonly referred to as the RAIN MAN.

Raymond’ Rain Man’ illustrates the use of card counting in blackjack. This is a technique used to track the high and low cards left in the dealer’s deck. The idea is to count the cards accurately, and you will have a chance of raising your bet when you know that odds are stacked in your favor. On Rain Man, Raymond calculated his cards well and raised when odds were on his side, leading to the great win of $86,000 across six decks of cards.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

This was a highly popular British Crime Comedy back in the day. It was written and directed by Guy Ritchie and then produced by Matthew Vaughn. It features renowned stars, including Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher, and Jason Statham, to mention just a few.

The story is about a poised card gambler who has lost a whopping £500,000 to a powerful crime lord in what is understood to be a rigged game of 3-card brag. As it goes, childhood friends and later criminals in partnership; Eddie, Tom, Soap, and Bacom pooled together £100,000 so that Eddie, a highly-skilled player, can enter into the Hatchet’s Harry Lonsdale High stack 3-card brag game. The house rigs the game through hand reading, and the gambling partners end being indebted to a tune of £500,000. Upon learning of the loss, Harry sends his debt collector to take away the trio’s expensive antique shotguns and place them for auction through his enforcer Barry (Baptist).

Hand reading in poker is a hard concept that is likened to magic-like abilities. A player puts another player on a hand by successfully deducing the two precise cards in his hand. The primary step to putting a player on his hand is knowing his opponent, which means getting a fix on his playing tendencies. It helps to make an accurate assessment of his playing range. The inability to decipher one’s trends indicates that the hand remains a mystery, and you won’t have an idea of how the hands proceed. However, modern devices such as cameras, can ‘beat’ all the strategies, and help to ‘read’ Eddie’s hands fast that ended up losing £500,000.

Original Sin (2001)

This is an erotic thriller that is a remake of the 1960s film Mississippi Mermaid. Based on Cornell Woolrich’s novel, Waltz into Darkness, the movie co-stars Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas.

It is the story of the love gone bizarre that pits Angelina Jolie (Julia Russell) at the center of controversy. Set in colonial Cuba, Julia escapes from Delaware to Cuba with his new-found lover Luis Vargas. Julia’s sister, disturbed by her disappearance, hires Julia’s ex-lover Walter to travel to Cuba and find her sister.

Upon arrival, Julia is tucked deep into a love triangle pitting both Walter and Luis. Luis eventually takes notice of the affair, but his love for Julia makes him live a lie. Later on, they conspire to kill Walter. After the mission is complete, Julia visits a priest and asks him to pray for her before security agencies busted her execution as the mission. However, she clothes the priest and escapes to Morocco, watching a card game. Julia majestically walks around the table, flanked by other gamblers, including Luis. Eventually, Julia manages to signal Luis about other players’ cards and tells the rest of gamblers how she knew about card cheating and collusion at casinos.

Card cheating through collusion with the staff is possible as the floor staff can rule in your favor. This calls for a complete knowledge of the game’s specific rules to determine how each ruling ought to go. Sometimes, casinos will collude with their friends and incorrectly take sides in case of a disagreement.

Casino Royale (2006)

This is a spy film by Eon Productions James Bond series. It is based on Ian Fleming’s novel Casino Royale (1953). It was written by Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis, and Robert Wade and directed by Martin Campbell.

The film starts with James Bond kicking off his career as Agent 007. He is tasked to bankrupt Le Chiffre, a terrorist financier through high-stakes poker at casino Royale based in Montenegro. James Bond falls into affectionate love with a female Treasury employee who is to give him money for buying chips into the game.

Bond’s poise as an MI6 agent sees him assigned various missions, including the trailing and the eventual killing of Mollake (bomb-maker) in Madagascar. Besides, Bond successfully trails a corrupt Greek official, Alex Dimitrios, in the Bahamas. Bond uses his masterful poker skills to win Aston Martin DB5 from Dimitrios. He seduces his wife and tracks him to Miami, where he executes him.

To recoup his customer’s lost fortunes, Le Chiffre organizes a high stakes Texas Hold ’em tournament in Montenegro. James Bond enters the tournament in the hope that a defeat to Le Chiffre would force him to seek asylum in the British territory in exchange for the details about his clients’ whereabouts.

Although the tourney continues amid intrigues, Felix Leiter, an undercover CIA agent, stakes Bond money in exchange for taking Le Chiffre into American custody. Eventually, he returns to the game and wins $115 million through a straight flush.

Poker is a game where players are required to make decisions after getting a complete picture of all the available information. The film showcases how one can infer information from other players to leverage his poker moves. Using a poker face, you are supposed to respond the same way irrespective of a loss or a win. You need to control your face and emotions so that people do not learn of your hand through reactions.

From the early days, poker is always a mathematical game. It needs for calculative maneuvers using the incomplete data. If you wager with the best hand consistently, you will win more times than your competitors. Mastering starting hands is of the essence as you will have a chance of changing your table position depending on the cards held by other players.

21 (2008)

For casino lovers, 21 is a sensational film that is described as the best Blackjack movie. It is based on a true story regarding a casino scam that took place decades ago in the 1970s. At the center of this scam is the use of card counting to edge out a casino. The grand casino scheme was planned and executed by a team of brilliant mathematicians from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A professor, Kevin Spacey, recruited the young lads. Through technologically advanced communication using codes and signals, they try to dodge the casino’s biometric screening system. Upon many trials and mocks, they visit a casino in Las Vegas in heavy disguise. Like the pros they are, they trick the casino using card counting tricks and illustrate how the method is the most successful trick when cheating casinos. Their superhuman mathematical abilities help them to navigate through memorizing card combinations and raise the stacked cards when the odds are on their side.

Molly’s Game (2017)

This film is based on Molly Bloom’s memoir. He was a celebrated ex-skier champion whose career took turning twists into the world of underground poker after going through a horrendous accident. The underground poker gambling turns out as the best venture ever as Molly hires Jessica Chastain as the organizer of the high-stakes poker tournaments. As the movie proceeds, tournaments become more intense, and you are introduced to some of the thrilling blackjack and poker tips and strategies.

While playing blackjack, you have to make the following decisions: Stand, Hit, Double, Split, or Surrender. E.g., as illustrated in the movie, in instances where a player does not want to hit, he asks for an extra card, if he has 20. In cases where your hand is 3, your worst decision is to stand as the casino will quickly edge you out.

True Method to Cheating Australian Pokies

In Australia, it is worth noting that modern pokie machines are practically almost impossible to cheat. Providers for online gambling platforms set the percentage of return and the random number generators (RNGs). RNGs eliminate the possibility of repeating events that have previously occurred. The closest experts and would-be cheaters are through trial and error of theorized strategies that consider probabilistic approaches instead of absolute idealistic methodologies.

As cheating online pokies become more complicated, unscrupulous individuals have resulted in strategies to lure gamblers to use their strategy. Some send spam messages where players are prompted to access a casino-tricking approach as a fee. These are, however, not recommended as you end up losing all your money.

To date, casino cheating remains a hot topic among players of poker, pokies, and a range of other casino games. In the past, casino cheating was easily done due to the machines’ simplicity and the systems used. The developments in the manufacturing of RNG-operated systems and highly computerized systems have raised the bar too high. It is never easy to cheat a casino these days. Prediction of the numbers generated by RNGs is almost impossible. They are programmed to make millions of numbers within a short span with no foreseeable or predictable possibility of re-generating the prior figures.

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  1. Caren

    There are a lot of good movies out there that discuss how the house cheats and I really do love them for making gamers like myself aware of what could be done to them. The casino house sometimes looks to me that they can never lose, so if they get a little exposed every now and then, it gives this sense of balance. The author of this article did a good job explaining their different techniques. I have heard of a couple of them before and didn’t understand what they entailed. Sometimes you would learn about the RTP of a particular pokie but in reality, it just doesn’t tie up.

  2. Jason

    These days that most gambling is done over the internet, it is hard to imagine that the older movies will give me tricks to use. I really can’t wait to see what the movie industry comes up with to help players hack games. I can imagine something like a hacker movie. They get into the gaming software and change the odds for sporting events and increase the RTP of a game. The final mission could be them increasing progressive jackpots to astronomical sizes and then making them cash out. Of course, the police would get them in the end because the bad guys have to lose or… casino could be painted as the bad guys from the start so that they can get away with it.

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    Systems always have loopholes, especially in the online community. Exploiting loopholes that casinos have refused to fix to my advantage should really not be regarded as cheating, but being lucky, in my defence.

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    Anyone thinking that they can scam the system today has to be high on crack or something…. Like bruhhh have you seen how secure those systems are? Granted, when physical casino stores were in place, together with employees, one could pull off a “casino heist”. These days, it’d be easier to find a pin in a stack of hay, than actually cheating the system.

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