Brothers’ Nest

June 2, 2017
Brothers' Nest is our June 2018 Movie of the Month
This tense and blackly comic SXSW hit stars Kenny (2006) creators Shane and Clayton Jacobson (also directing) as bickering brothers attempting to commit the perfect murder.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail,” says Jeff (Clayton Jacobson) when he and younger brother Terry (Shane Jacobson) arrive at their family’s country home. On Jeff’s detailed to-do list today is murdering stepfather Rodger (Kim Gyngell), who stands to inherit everything when their terminally ill mum (Lynette Curran) dies. Perfectly judged shots of jet-black humour are injected into early sequences, in which domineering Jeff and doubtful Terry rehearse every last part of the diabolical plan. Once Rodger walks through the door, Jaime Browne’s meticulously mapped-out screenplay explodes with unforeseen logistical problems and revelations about the distant and recent past. This is very tasty stuff indeed.

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In Australian cinemas nationally June 21, 2018.

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