The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Drops Tomorrow!

November 29, 2017
But first, Marvel would like to remind you how much you love them.

Way back in 2008 Samuel L. Jackson stepped out of the shadows and wanted to talk to Robert Downey Jr. about “The Avengers Initiative” and the world of cinema changed.

From that tiny teaser – a throwaway bit if business when a post-credits stinger was an unusual indulgence – the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown. It’s always worth remembering that nobody had ever done what Marvel has achieved beforehand, and if you think it’s easy, please director your attention to the corpses of several would-be franchises that little the firmament.

Next year we get Avengers: Infinity War, which will see all the Marvel Heroes come together to take on the Mad titan, Thanos (Josh Brolin). Tomorrow we get the first trailer and, holy heck, we’re excited to but that up in our faces. Today, though, Marvel has dropped this reaction video supercut, designed to remind you just how much awesome fun they’ve given us over the past near-decade.

Reaction videos can be hit-and-miss affairs, but they do remind us that cinema is a communal experience, even when you’re watching something alone on the device of your choice. Great movies bring us together, and Marvel have given us some really great movies. There’s not much chance they’ll drop the ball on this one. See you there.

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