Aussie “Acid Noir” Burning Kiss Gets International Representation

August 21, 2018
It's "Ken Russell meets French New Wave", apparently.

UK genre specialists Devilworks have scooped up the worldwide rights to Australian neo-noir Burning Kiss, the feature directorial debut from Robbie Studsor (Trinkets), and will be selling the film to various international markets at next month’s Toronto International Film Festival.

Described as “…a thrilling cocktail of southern Gothic, surrealism, pop art and the nouvelle vague”, the film sees the relationship between a father and daughter crumble when the arrival of a mysterious stranger dredges up secrets from the past. Liam Graham, Alyson Walker, and Richard Mellick star.

Studsor, who also produced and wrote the film, says he is looking forward to working with the boutique outfit.

“There is a specific and ambitious aesthetic to Burning Kiss, which at the independent level has translated into a long and at times quite difficult post-production journey,” Studsor explains. “ However, I’ve been blessed to have like-minded lunatic collaborators that have been dedicated to completing the film with the scope it deserves and I’m delighted that the torch has now been passed to more like-minded lunatics in Samantha Richardson and Matteo Rolleri at Devilworks to represent the film for the international market!”

Burning Kiss is an artistic and gritty tale,” said Devilworks Acquisition and Sales President Samantha Richardson. “Told through a neon lens. Director Robbie Studsor demonstrates his ability to create bold and tense narratives, whilst keeping his style and tone true to the noir genre; the film leaves an impression and we are excited to present this thrilling title to buyers at the upcoming markets.”

The film is still seeking domestic distribution, but this latest development bodes well for Burning Kiss‘s exhibition fortunes.



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