By Travis Johnson

The voting lines are open! Adelaide Film Festival, in what is either a stroke of genius or a fit of lunacy, have called up the unwashed masses to help curate the next incarnation of the fest, nominating the three Australian feature films #YOUMUSTSEE (hashtag theirs). The victorious triumvirate of local cinema will screen at the festival in October.

A number of notable Australian screen bods have already cast their votes, as you can see here. Margaret Pomeranz went for Samson & Delilah, Beneath Clouds, and The Babadook, but contended that Chopper and Lore also tied for equal third. Hugo Weaving mused, “Always a conundrum, making a list of top films. My imperfect top 3… I could change it tomorrow.” before ultimately settling on Ten Canoes, Wake in Fright, and Lantana. David Stratton, ever the classicist, selected Newsfront, Gallipoli, and Blessed, while Mad Max director George Miller went for The Sentimenal Bloke, Muriel’s Wedding, and Bad Boy Bubby.

As for us? The answer is in the image header.

Artistic Director of Adelaide Film Festival Amanda Duthie saidThis campaign should excite debate and discussion of the Australian screen stories that had an impact as a child, a teenager, or older, whether it was the comedies, the drama, the action or the revelation of a true story told in documentary or fiction form. Was it a film where you recognised yourself? Or you learnt from a culture not of your own?

“#YOUMUSTSEE invites you to come on this adventure of discovery. We encourage you to think on the Australian films made over the last 112 years and through your vote, gift them to new audiences. Vote because you loved it, it moved you, or you cannot forget the impression it left on you.

“The Australian screen industry is a passionate factory of dreams created for audiences. In an industry landscape where we are fighting to create more Australian production, it is more important than ever that we encourage our audiences to acknowledge Australian screen stories and keep the industry thriving.”

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