The 5 Best Casino Games Based on Movies

July 17, 2019
Merchandising and movies have gone hand in hand since the arrival of the summer blockbuster in the 1970s. However, did you know that modern merch also extends to casino games? In fact, the trend has been around for a while, but it has really taken off in the last couple if years. Indeed, if there is a big Hollywood movie, you can expect to see a casino game released to complement soon after.

Below, we have picked out five games which we consider to be the best movie-based online slots. As mentioned, there are a lot of movie themed slots out there. So, we decided to judge them on the following criteria: faithfulness to the source material, jackpot potential, innovative gameplay and longevity.

  1. Robocop

Most movie-goers prefer Paul Verhoeven’s cyber-punk classic 1987 film over the 2014 reboot. Thankfully, this slot by Playtech is based on the former, and really goes all in honouring the movie. You can check it out for yourself at Mansion Casino, where they welcome New Zealand players. What you’ll find with Robocop is a game that is endlessly inventive, while at the same time remains tethered to the source material, incorporating clips form the film into bonus games and so on. It packs a big punch when it come to payouts too.

  1. Rocky

Another classic movie that has also become a classic slot. It’s hard to believe that the original Rocky film was released 43 years ago. Back then, nobody would have believed that the low-budget tale would be still spawning sequels today. The slot has not been around as long as that of course, but it was one of Playtech’s early premium branded games. The game offers plenty of Sly on screen, and has some fun bonus games, which are, of course, linked to Rocky’s fights with Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago.

  1. Superman: The Movie

There are numerous slot games based on DC movies, and the likes of Man of Steel, Aquaman and Wonder Woman had slot games released to tie in with the movie launches. However, our favourite is a slot that goes all the way back to the Richard Donner’s 1978 film. Superman slot is endless fun, with plenty of innovative bonus games that can be triggered to help you land the big wins. The game is tied into all other DC Superheroes games, which sees the franchise share a huge progressive jackpot network.

  1. Ted

The slot is regarded as something of a masterpiece among casino game players. The developers, Blueprint Gaming, really pushed the boat out with Ted, which goes beyond honouring the Seth MacFarlane movie. Instead, they created an interactive game with the eponymous bear guiding you through a series of bonus games and special modifying features. You could play this game for weeks and still not discover all it has to offer.

  1. Dirty Dancing

Our favourite of the lot does not feel like it fits the bill for a slot game, but somehow Dirty Dancing slot just works. The game is full of dance-themed bonus games, and features lots of clips from the movie. Lots of cool features help you earn payouts, including Whirling Wilds and Johnny’s Mambo. Best of all though, is the Time of My Life Bonus, which can lead to a massive jackpot payout. A guilty pleasure of a movie and an underrated gem of a slot.


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