13 Reasons Why Season 2 Gets a Teaser and a Release Date

May 1, 2018
The tapes were just the beginning, apparently.

Netflix’s controversial series 13 Reasons Why is getting a second series because, let’s face it, controversy sells even if the actual product is less than it could have been. Picking up in the aftermath of Hannah’s (Katherine Langford) death and the start of the characters’ complicated journeys toward healing and recovery, Season 2 sees Liberty High prepare to go on trial, but someone will stop at nothing to keep the truth surrounding Hannah’s death concealed. A series of ominous polaroids lead Clay (Dylan Minnette) and his classmates to uncover a sickening secret and a conspiracy to cover it up.

Make of that synopsis, largely lifted from the official press release, what you will.

The furore around Season One was, of course, focused on the series’ use of teen suicide as a theme and the way in which its depiction may or may not promote suicidal ideation in vulnerable viewers. This season Netflix is shouldering the responsibility, with resources available at 13reasonswhy.info, including a set of videos where the cast address issues in the series including bullying, sexual assault and drug abuse.

13 Reasons Why premieres on Netflix this May 18.

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