• Year:2012
  • Rating:MA
  • Director:Antonio Negret
  • Cast:Diora Baird, Jim Caviezel, Elisabeth Röhm
  • Release Date:March 22, 2012
  • Distributor:Paramount
  • The Film:2.0

“...mindless gunplay and chasing, mundane dialogue and a seen-it-before plot.”


A fast-paced thriller that doesn't let up once it gets going, Transit has guns, action and car chases aplenty, which all belie its modest budget. Alas, the way it uses these assets, however showy, is unintelligent, and you'll have seen it all before. Marek's (Brit actor James Frain) plan to sneak $4 million past a police roadblock goes severely awry after the family he hid it with discover it. He and his gang of armed robbers battle Nate (Jim Caviezel) and his family for the money, culminating in a showdown in a river shack.

What this translates to is mindless gunplay and chasing, mundane dialogue and a seen-it-before plot. There's nothing extraordinary here, save for intelligent camera work, which manages to build suspense quite successfully, which director Antonio Negret had put to better use in his eerie horror film Seconds Apart. Transit's saving grace is that it does have great driving stunts, good action sequences and creative vintage car disposal.

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