December 21, 2015

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“…it’s a confronting movie which specialises in dark humour.”


John Noonan
Year: 2015
Rating: MA15+
Director: John Jarrett, Kaarin Fairfax

John Jarrett, Kaarin Fairfax

Distributor: Pinnacle
Released: December 31, 2015
Running Time: 90 minutes
Worth: $10.00

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…it’s a confronting movie which specialises in dark humour.

John Jarret steps behind the camera, as well as in front of it, in this unusual battle of sexes by first time writer Kristijana Maric. Co-directing with Kaarin Fairfax (Bed of Roses), Jarrett plays Jack, an extreme stalker breaking into the home of nurse Emily (Fairfax herself). After caught off guard by Emily, Jack finds himself tied up and having to explain himself before Emily calls the police.

It quickly becomes apparent that Jack knows Emily from working in the same hospital as her. Through the wailing and gnashing of teeth, Jack is adamant that his breaking and entering is part of a misogynistic plan to get at her for simply being a woman. Emily, to her credit, doesn’t believe him and spends the evening sharing diatribes about the futility of men with the woman hating Jack.

Both leads clearly relish the opportunity to shout and spit at each other over the course of 90 minutes with enough foul language to make Tarantino seem coy. Fairfax as Emily is the backbone of the movie, playing Jarret’s John like a violin as she mothers him one minute and then admonishes him the next, playing upon the sexist characteristics his chauvinist mouth has tars her with. There’s no doubt she’s in control. Like a nihilistic When Harry Met Sally they share their thoughts on relationships, the world and their place in it. Their dialogue is broken up by individual fantasies about the sadistic things one would do to the other.

At times, it’s a confronting movie which specialises in dark humour. Whilst it doesn’t stick its landing when the credits roll, Wolf Creek fans are perhaps going to get a kick out of seeing Jarratt failing to get the upper hand for a change. Others may find it a little too acidic to swallow.

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