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Production Design Fundamentals

GENERAL: Production Design plays a crucial role in helping Directors achieve the atmosphere and ‘feel’ required to bring a screen project to life – an essential element of drawing audiences into a story world that is convincing and evocative. Apart from the ability to understand and interpret a Director’s vision, a Production Designer needs to be able to plan and budget for the delivery of the design elements of a project.

Great Production Designers have a knowledge of draughtmanship, technical drawing, colour theory, architecture, building and construction, history, interior design and lighting as well as great computer skills for budgeting and planning software and design programs. They also have really strong collaborative and leadership skills to allow them to work effectively with Location Managers, Costume and Makeup Designers and their full team.

This course aims to provide participants with an interest in Production Design with a thorough overview of the role of the Production Designer and the Art Department.

Dates: Sat 4 Oct – Sat 25 Oct 2014 (4 sessions)
Times: 10am-5pm
Cost: $500

Metro Screen, Paddington

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