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In Tune

The Bellas are back in the sequel, ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ and returning actress, Brittany Snow, is happily but cautiously singing the new film’s praises.

Life Lessons

French legend, Juliette Binoche, gets personal for her powerful performance as an actress on the edge in the stylish drama, 'Clouds Of Sils Maria'.

The Hottest 100

Ahead of the St Kilda Film Festival, we were lucky enough to catch a handful of films screening as part of The Top 100 Australian Shorts.

German Legacy

It may be his final year as director of the Audi Festival of German Films, but Arpad Solter is finishing with a bang.

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"Talent-to-watch, Ariel Kleiman, delivers a beautifully crafted yet equally disturbing thriller."

Ex Machina
Ex Machina

" of the smartest, slickest and most intriguing sci-fi thrillers in recent memory."

Pitch Perfect 2
Pitch Perfect 2

The songs once again steal the show in this infectious sequel.


"Infini is leading the charge in genre filmmaking in this country, proving that we have the chops to compete on the world stage."