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Wild Ride

Actor Dwaine Stevenson buckled in for one intense, epic and life-changing ride when he signed on to ‘Infini’.

Out Of The Woods

After years bustin’ his ass, rising young actor Billy Magnussen, scored a fairytale role in Disney’s adaptation of the hit stage musical, ‘Into The Woods’.

Back In The Director’s Chair

Finally following up his 2003 local cult favourite ‘The Rage in Placid Lake’, Australian Tony McNamara’s ‘Ashby’ is another offbeat blend of comedy and drama starring Nat Wolff, Mickey Rourke and Sarah Silverman.

Scoring In Space

Composer Brian Cachia has spent the past seven years soundtracking Hollywood blockbusters, but felt compelled to return home for the local sci-fi thriller ‘Infini’.

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"Talent-to-watch, Ariel Kleiman, delivers a beautifully crafted yet equally disturbing thriller."

Ex Machina
Ex Machina

" of the smartest, slickest and most intriguing sci-fi thrillers in recent memory."

Pitch Perfect 2
Pitch Perfect 2

The songs once again steal the show in this infectious sequel.


"Infini is leading the charge in genre filmmaking in this country, proving that we have the chops to compete on the world stage."