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March 2015

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  • TURN IT ON: THE FILMINK TV SPECIAL In this special look at television in 2015, FilmInk goes behind the scenes of Marvel’s Daredevil; and the local shows, The Principal and Maximum Choppage; chats to The Missing star, James Nesbitt; looks at TV series inspired by movies; and runs the rule over the best of what the small screen has to offer this year.
  • FAST & FURIOUS 7 Aussie director, James Wan (Saw), revs up the latest installment of one of modern cinema’s great underdog franchises with Fast & Furious 7, starring the late Paul Walker.
  • FILM PUSHES BACK According to the cinematic law of the day, film is dead, with digital lensing now the prominent form when it comes to making movies. Well, guess what? Not everybody agrees…
  • FOX HITS THE CENTURY As 20th Century Fox celebrates its 100th anniversary, FilmInk picks the best 100 films in the power studio’s history.
  • DANNY ELFMAN Tim Burton’s regular composer looks back on a career that began with the experimental rock band, Oingo Boingo, and now includes scoring Hollywood’s biggest movies.
  • PLUS Juliette Binoche, John Lithgow, Margot Robbie and much more!
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